In The End We Are All Merely Stories

One of the most valuable asset I acquired at a young age was wanting to hear other people’s stories. I love hearing other people’s tales. We are all reflections of each other there is always a thread that ties us … binds us together.

One of my favorite quotes:

“We’re all stories in the end”

~ Doctor Who ~

There is a man who is such an inspiration in my life. He has accomplished so much and it has so much more to accomplish! His story is far from over and it’s not even at the middle yet.

I am always asked what is it like to live with a motivational speaker? My response is always the same it’s like living with a cheerleader who is always cheering 24-7.  He is great and yes he is amazing but sometimes I just want  to be in a bad mood, which is hard to do when you have your own personal cheerleader.

You can follow him at DAM Consulting or his  Face Book Page: DAM Consulting. Here is a recent student profile of some of his amazing accomplishments and a peek inside the man Dave A. Mornix from Algoma U’s Student Profiles.

Do something amazing! Be your amazing self and stand out in the crowd.

Because in the end we are stories so let’s make it a good one!

R. J. Davies Mornix

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One Response to In The End We Are All Merely Stories

  1. bhalsop says:

    Your hubby is one amazing man! And to think he credits you with all his success. That is truly a match made for the ages! My story is getting weird, and I feel as if I’ve had to tell it too often lately. I need a break from telling *my* story and get back to writing my *story*!

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