Maddox Files: Back To Business

Dice Maddox a private investigator in Toronto. First case back after a four year hiatus … could her fiplaceholder copyrst case back be her last?

Ryan Winters a confirmed bachelor walks into her office with martial issues. Mrs. Lily Winters has everyone except Ryan convinced that they are newlyweds.

Since coming back to the PI business, Dice has discovered her uncle who was her partner and boss first, was keeping secrets. His x-files cases were vast and strange. She had no idea he had these other cases.

Mrs. Lily Winters fits right into that category. Dice soon discovers Lily Winters isn’t human. But what is she? Alien? Demon? And what does she want with Ryan Winters?

Release Date: October 2015

Watch for updates about Books:

Maddox Files: Blurred Lines

Maddox Files: Down the Rabbit Hole

Maddox Files: The Watchers

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