Plot Bunnies – Day 28

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Plot Bunnies featuring Urban photography, urban spelunking, urban exploration. This is the beginning of a new project that Dave Mornix and I have planned. Each day will post something funny, weird or strange … but with some fact behind it. You can then run with it and use it for  your own inspirational purposes or just read it and do nothing the choice is yours.

Day 28

Are we alone? Is it just a weather drone? It’s like something out of a science fiction book or movie, reports of UFO sightings. It has gotten more frequent in the last 20 years is that a sign that the Official First Contact is coming? Or are people just seeing things?

In the Toronto Star, reported on July 27th, 2014, titled “Was it a UFO?  Flashing flying object reported over Toronto” – for full story Click Here

It’s a drone, it’s a kite, it’s an alien? Torontonians are looking for answers after several UFO sightings were reported in North York over the weekend.

Sarah Chun, 36, was sitting at the dining room table of her Finch St. apartment around 9 p.m. Saturday when she saw six or seven diagonal lights flashing in the sky.

Chun grabbed her iPad and headed outside, where she noticed a second, glowing object.

“It was really high up, and was round, bright, and shining,” Chun told the Star. “At first I thought it was stars or something, but it was too bright to be. I didn’t know what it was.”

Chun says the object “just sat there” for around 25 minutes before “it kind of flew, and then disappeared.”

She posted two videos, titled ‘UFO in North York, Toronto. What is this?!?’ before heading to bed. When she woke up Sunday morning, the videos had gone viral. By Sunday afternoon, one of the clips had nearly 8,000 views.

Toronto Police confirmed they received several UFO reports Saturday night in North York.

Sebastian Setien, another resident of the area, was happy to know he wasn’t the only one who saw the mysterious lights.

“I knew I wasn’t seeing things,” he said.

This wasn’t the first time Setien has seen the unknown object, but he wasn’t able to capture any images before. “I had a crappy Blackberry, three years ago I saw this, [but] no one believed me.”

Setien was entertaining guests Saturday afternoon when he spotted a triangular object while barbequing on his condo balcony. He took a photo at 4:18 p.m., but went back inside after concluding the object wasn’t doing anything.

“I thought it was a weather probe or a drone. Then at night time we come back out to have a beer on the balcony and then we see these lights.”

That’s when Setien started recording the strange lights on his phone, adding he lost all internet connection while taking the video around 8:40 p.m.

“I have no idea what it is. It could be a very unique weather satellite, weather drone, weather detecting instrument, or – who knows.”

Toronto Police confirmed they received several UFO reports Saturday night in the area of Yonge St. and Empress Ave.

It was concluded, that no one is really sure what they saw but they saw something.

Food for thought:

Story ideas …

Main character is an alien, looking for someone or something, thinks their cloaking device is on but finds out that it was off which violates a code of conduct …. etc…

Or, main character is human and gets abducted …

Or, this is their way of saying hello, they don’t have any star trek mandate about exposing themselves, and this is the beginning of First Contact for everyone here on Earth.

It reminded us of another story from The Enigmatic Monster Project, The Exhibit written by Stephen Hawkins.

We love intellectual discussions and this edition of Plot Bunnies was brought to you by R. J. Davies Mornix and Dave Mornix of DAM Consulting.

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“We have no proof, But if we extrapolate, based on the best information we have available to us, we have to come to the conclusion that … other life probably exists out there and perhaps in many places…”

~Neil Armstrong, Oct 21, 1999 ~

Hope you enjoyed this!

R. J. Davies Mornix and Dave Mornix

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