Plot Bunnies – Day 24

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Plot Bunnies featuring Alien Encounters. This is the beginning of a new project that Dave Mornix and I have planned. Each day will post something funny, weird or strange … but with some fact behind it. You can then run with it and use it for  your own inspirational purposes or just read it and do nothing the choice is yours.

Day 24

Abandoned buildings, plants, mills, cities, amusement parks, castle, homes … The 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places on Earth Just Might Give You Chills, by Jade Small some of these are sad and lonely looking others are just plain creepy.

We short listed the top ten here for you, click the link to see these amazing haunting looking long forgotten areas to see for yourself.

1. Pripyat, Ukraine – which is a city that was abandoned after the Chernobyl neclear disaster in 1986.
2. Mirny Diamond Mine (Eastern Siberia, Russia) – this is where you will find the world’s second largest man made hole.
3. Farmhouse in Seneca Lake, New York – it is also a place for many abandon cars
4. Ryugyong Hotel (Pyongyang, North Korea) – 105 story hotel abandon looking omonious
5. Willard Asylum (willard, New York) – sounds like a Stephen King novel here.
6. Sanzhi UFO Houses (San Zhi, Taiwan) – contruction started in 1978 and stopped in 1980 due to loss of investment, these homes were intended to be sold to U. S. Military officers, round sacuer UFO looking
7. Six Flags Jazzland (New Orleans, Louisiana) – it was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina, sounds like another Stephen King haunting ground.
8. Gulliver’s Travels Park (Kawaguchi, Japan) – Back drop Mt. Fuji yet it still wasn’t enough to keep it going.
9. Bannerman Castle (Pollepel Island, New York) – 200lb of ammunition that exploded, destroyed most of this castle and the rest was just abandon
10. Disney’s Discovery Island (Lake Buena Vista, Florida) – rumours of human killing bacteria was found in the water surrounding it.

Just the thought is creepy that these places exist in this world.

Main reasons for sites to get abandoned:

  • Natural disaster that the owners could not recover from (floods, hurricanes, etc)
  • Money issues, cost more than the owners had and could not get funding from outside sources to assist
  • Health concerns, either the building itself is contaminated or the local area is infested or have discovered unwanted, unhealthy containment in the water, grass, etc.
  • Haunted, ghosts causing owners to throw in the towel

These are just some scenarios we came up with.

Food for thought:

Story ideas …

Main character(s) stumble upon an abandon city, only to find that it really isn’t abandon (maybe humans no longer live there) but other beings, magical or alien could have taken over.

A story that leads up to the reason why a plant or mill or factory is abandoned, could have been a show down for the ultimate good verses evil that humanity is unaware of.

It reminded us of another story from The Enigmatic Monster Project, The Void written by Dave Mornix.

We love intellectual discussions and this edition of Plot Bunnies was brought to you by R. J. Davies Mornix and Dave Mornix of DAM Consulting.

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“Reality seems valueless by comparison with the dreams of fevered imaginations; reality is therefore abandoned.””

~ Emile Durkheim ~

Hope you enjoyed this!

R. J. Davies Mornix and Dave Mornix

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