Plot Bunnies – Day 21

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Plot Bunnies featuring Cyborgs. This is the beginning of a new project that Dave Mornix and I have planned. Each day will post something funny, weird or strange … but with some fact behind it. You can then run with it and use it for  your own inspirational purposes or just read it and do nothing the choice is yours.

Day 21

Zombies … that’s what we said … today’s topic is zombies … USA is prepared, so is Canada as well as Britain so it’s not just a North America thing.

On a British Colombia Government website:

Zombies? In British Columbia? Are you serious?

Well, sorta. The threat of zombie attack is a popular phenomenon around the globe and with it comes the message to “be prepared”. Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, avalanches, interface fires, severe storms and hazardous material spills are some of the dangers that could threaten lives and cause extensive damage in British Columbia. And while the chance of zombies a-knockin’ on your door is pretty slim, we do believe that if you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for any disaster.

Follow along with us this week as we provide you with an arsenal of zombie preparedness tips, videos, photos and even some advice from a zombie-attack survivor.

  • Watch this video about how a little girl foiled a zombie attack on her family. You might learn something.
Zombie Preparedness Tips

  • Tip #1: Ensure your gas tank is always half full.
  • Tip #2: Have emergency kits for your home, office and car.
  • Tip #3: Have a plan!
  • Tip #4: Get an emergency kit.
  • Tip #5: Have an out-of-province contact.

Guest Blog

Facts and Advice

  • Devise a plan. When zombies attack, or wildfires strike, you’ll have to act fast. Your plan should include:
    • Safe exits from your home and neighbourhood;
    • A meeting place to reunite with family; and
    • Pre-determined out-of-province contacts so friends and family will know you’re okay.
  • Get an emergency kit. There’s no time to collect supplies when zombies are shuffling around your neighbourhood! Make sure to assemble grab-and-go kits for your home, office and vehicle. They should contain supplies for a minimum of 72 hours.
  • May was chosen for Zombie Awareness Month because cult classics like “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead” are set in spring.

Food for thought:

Story ideas …

Well there are theories how a foreign substance (could be alien) introduced to one person and it’s spreads, every where (a bug or animal bite, a pill, a virus)

Writing about being the caused of the Zombie Apocalypse that ends the human race as we know it.

Purposely poisoning the food supply that runs our country! Causing a Zombie Apocalypse.

That reminds us of a short story featured in  The Enigmatic Monster Project, called Jumbees by Dave Mornix.

We love intellectual discussions and this edition of Plot Bunnies was brought to you by R. J. Davies Mornix and Dave Mornix of DAM Consulting.

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“I like my zombies slow and I like my zombies stupid”

~ Seth Grahame-Smith ~

Hope you enjoyed this!

R. J. Davies Mornix and Dave Mornix

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