Plot Bunnies – Day 1

This is the beginning of a new project that Dave Mornix and I have planned. Each day we will post something funny, weird or strange … but with some fact behind it. You can then run with it and use it for  your own inspirational purposes or just read it and do nothing the choice is yours.


Day 1

We found this to be interesting … the Moon is actually moving away from the Earth at a microscopic level in the grand scheme of things.

According to Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock “the speed at which the Moon is moving away from Earth could affect life on the planet, but this could take billions of years to happen.”

We saw this on a documentary quite some time ago and found it fascinating and found an article about online, BBC News reported this finding Feb 1, 2011.

According to this article:

It is thought that the Moon was formed when a proto-planet about the size of Mars collided with the early Earth around 4.5bn years ago. The debris left over from impact coalesced to form the Moon. Computer simulations of such an impact are consistent with the Earth Moon system we see in the 21st Century.

The simulations also imply that at the time of its formation, the Moon sat much closer to the Earth – a mere 22,500km (14,000 miles) away, compared with the quarter of a million miles (402,336 km) between the Earth and the Moon today.

The Moon is believed to have formed after a massive collision between the Earth and an asteroid

The Moon continues to spin away from the Earth, at the rate of 3.78cm (1.48in) per year, at about the same speed at which our fingernails grow.


What would Earth be like without the Moon?

Tides would be lower … they would follow the sun instead of the moon, which would stand to reason the high tides would be at noon when the sun is at it’s highest.

Our rotation may get a little more wonky its current wobble of 23 to 26 degrees (with the Moon) without the Moon we could be looking at a wobble of 0 to 86 degrees … it would be a noticeable difference .

Days would be shorter 6-8 or 10 hours long depending on rotation. Faster rotation means faster winds from approximately 160 – 200 km.

Our ecosystems would definitely change. Water would redistribute more towards the polar regions, high winds, higher erratic temperatures, life that we know wouldn’t exist.

The nights would be darker without the moon. On the upside no CO2 emissions since humans wouldn’t be around, it might be clearer from that perspective.


Food for thought:

Story ideas …

The Moon gets destroyed what happens next!

Billions of years from now … we evolve into something else and come back to visit Earth where the Moon has moved away from Earth to make a significant difference.

Time travel to the future where there is no Moon on Earth (is that our time stream? or did you slip into another Dimension?)

What kind of animals and life exist on Earth where there is no Moon.


We love intellectual discussions and this edition of Plot Bunnies was brought to you by R. J. Davies Mornix and Dave Mornix of DAM Consulting.

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“Aim for the Moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.”

~ W. Clement Stone ~


Hope you enjoyed this!

R.  J. Davies Mornix and Dave Mornix

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