Happy Canada Day!

So many things are happening today. First let me wish every Canadian a Happy Canada’s Day! Bonne Fête du Canada!

Also today is kicking off Camp Nanowri got my word count in for today!  World soccer is still playing.

Next, I need to pull some double duty this month …. working on my second eBook “Maddox Files: Blurred Lines”, started it today. In addition to this I am editing the first eBook “Maddox Files: Back to Business” (which I need to get done as soon as possible) Still have the goal to have it up for sale before the summer ends.

I also started a Facebook Page for my writing if you have visit it please do and click “Like Page” Thank you for your support.


“It is perfectly okay to write garbage – as long as you edit brilliantly.”
~ C. J. Cherryh ~

“First, findout what your hero wants. Then just follow him.”
~ Ray Bradury ~



EMP is coming out with another edition very soon ….

If you like short stories with monsters or horror … stories that could keep you up at night and haven’t checked it out  The Enigmatic Monster Project please check it out. Lots of work went into it and so many talented and wonderful people contributed to this including yours truly and Dave Mornix of DAM Consulting. This Project is the Brain Child of Penny Cobb, she is the Project Creator, Designer and Author as well as Jonathan Kruschack who is a Designer and Author for the project, and Jacob Zaccaria who is a Designer and Author for the project. So many talented people. Other contributors Brad Jones, Photographer and Author.

Lots of great talent there.



“Maddox Files: Back To Business” – in edit/rewrite – hoping to have this done by end of July.

“Maddox Files: Blurred Lines” – started and working on it.


Writing Tip:

Negotiate with yourself and those around you to allocate time to do some writing. Commit to doing a little bit each day and before you know it you will have your first draft done.

Sometimes you need to negotiate to get things done. My youngest son teaches me this concept on a regular basis. I got a little Adult Time out to work on my writing today … trade off – Wii game night and fireworks … its a win win situation for me.


Happy July 1st!


R. J. Davies Mornix


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