Let the Games …. Begin!

“The future is now!”

~ H. G. Wells ~

“If a man would move the world, he must first move himself.”

~ Socrates ~

“When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it.”

~ Sigmund Freud ~


April is here, submissions to The Enigmatic Monster Project have been submitted! *crowd cheering wildly* Thank you.

Thanks to Dave Mornix of DAM Consulting who assisted me.

Clearing off my desk …

Hitching a ride to Camp NaNoWriMo and dusting those cobwebs off everything … getting a late start here but my goal is to get 50,000 words done before the end of the month. Bigger goal is to finish this eBook novel and hopefully complete the rewrite and editing for it next month so I can get it on the sites for sale.

So it is day 4 which is 6,664 words I am behind in, but by Sunday night hoping to be at the 13,338 mark. Pulling up my socks, getting my housecoat on and a glass of wine … cheers! Tossing down the proverbial gauntlet and giggling “Let the games … begin!”

Delving into Dice Maddox’s world this weekend starting tonight.

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will.

R. J. Davies Mornix

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