Books or eBooks?

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

~ Jimmy Johnson ~

What do you prefer to read? Books or eBooks?

I can’t argue the allure of having it on hand on a small device whenever you want. Yet there is just something about holding that weighted stack of tree leaves in your hands. You can smell it, taste it (yes I said that), feel it and hear the pages swish as you turn them. Although they are not water proof you can soak in the tub with bubbles, candles and a glass of wine with a good book. (The electronic versions I wouldn’t want to risk it).

My first four books (Angels in the Dark: Quin’s Quest, Angels in the Dark: Helvetica’s Curse, Fragile, and Three Days of Darkness) I am saving for a Traditional Publisher and they are all in some form being re-written or in editing mode.


Some exciting news, over the holidays Dave A. Mornix of DAM Consulting and I are putting together a series of eBooks. We are hoping to have our first one released by April 2014 (if not sooner).

The first book is already written (the first draft) and it is in rewrite mode.

The second book is in first draft mode at the moment.

I am working on a Science Fiction eBook currently titled “Maddox Files: Back To Business” about a saucy young private investigator who had taken some time off from the business but is considering getting back into it. I am hoping to have something posted here for you by the end of the month for the Maddox Files (which could possibly turn into a series).

Well you heard it here first!

R. J. Davies Mornix

Currently expecting it to be released May 1, 2014 at least this is the deadline I have given myself.

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