Welcome 2014!

Happy New Year ~ 新年快樂 ~ Xīn Nián Kuài Lè ~ Le Jour de l’An

It’s a pivotal moment everyone gets to share in. Reflecting on the past and making New Year’s Resolutions that we will either stick to or relinquish after a few weeks.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

~ John Maxwell Kushandwizoom ~ (I hope I got this guy’s name right)

What’s the point if you are not growing in some way from the change in your life? We personal feel everything we go through is a lesson to be learned, a reason to grow, or you were meant to be there for the experience in the first place perhaps to help someone else to grow and learn.

Important Point to Remember:  If you write just one page a day by the end of the year you will have a 365 page book, first draft to rewrite and edit! So don’t hold back make the commitment.

Saying farewell to 2013:

Dave Mornix a Motivational Speaker and I had sat down and compiled this list of ten interesting things that we found online and wanted to share them with you maybe it will spark a flow of creation!

1. This one was our absolute favorite! It’s a science fiction lovers dream come true! Mars One Mission – you can go to this site, create a video application and sign up for the one way trip to Mars! (Doesn’t mean they will pick you but everyone has a shot at this!) So Click here.

2. AI has come a long way, is it going to be a Skynet future? We doubt it but when we saw this video online we were so excited by the possibilities and didn’t find it scary at all.  I just wanted was two of them for myself … that looked like me! Dave said he wasn`t too sure about it, but he would take one for the fun of it. Click here.

3. This is something that has been in the horizon, fans making their own movies. Snippets of story lines that they put together and then air online. We think these guys are brilliant and should have really strong futures in the film industry or gaming world which every they choose to do.  For those Harry Potter fans who are disappointed that there isn’t any more books or movies … Click here.

4. Who knew war monuments would ever enter our favorite’s list? But these war monuments have an air of alien structural design to them. It’s a must see. Click here.

5. This brain child site created in 2013 by Penny Cobb who gathered several very talented people who now make up The Enigmatic Monster Project. They have a free online book of monster stories, enthralling blog posts and engaging podcasts to listen to, there is always something going on. Click here.

6. The seven deadly sins of world building by io9 … to see what they are Click here.

7. Someone sent us this: Robert J. Sawyer: Five myths about science fiction writers …. to read more Click here.

8. They do exist! Big Foot Porn eBooks and we all know sex sells things … to find out more Click here.

9. Getting more space than you realized, a man moves into his new apartment and finds a hidden dungeon beneath the floor … to find out more Click here.

10. Avoid the trap as if it was a giant black hole! Avoid it at all cost … Science Fiction Cliches here a list … Click here.

These are some of the sites that cross our desk this year and it was a wonderful 2013 looking forward to 2014 … Our New Years Resolution is to get something published or have a contract in our hand by the end of 2014!

Back to work now, we have a New Years’ Resolution to work on.

Best wishes for 2014!

R. J. Davies Mornix and Dave Mornix, of DAM Consulting

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