Just a couple more days! The count down is on!

“I felt like I was an arrow, pulled back and ready to be launched into something big.”

~ A. B. Shepherd ~


I am very excited and can’t wait!

The count down is ON baby!!! Monday July 1st … celebrating Canadians and our Nation across the Country AND!!! Camp Nanowrimo starts!

I’m listed in there … come join me!

I am still working on my outline for “Angel’s In The Dark: Helvetica’s Curse” stuck on chapter 7 … come on writing muses don’t leave me hanging.


Current status:


Angels in the Dark Helvetica’s Curse – working on the chapter outline stuck on chapter 7  not worried I work better on the fly …  July’s write a novel in a month !!! http://campnanowrimo.org/sign_in starting July 1st!!! If you haven’t thought about here’s your chance! 50,000 words in 31 days! Come join me!



Fragile done Editing and Submitted! Waiting reply…..

Oh My Gosh!!! I did it! Truth be told I have only submitted Angels in the Dark Quin’s Quest – once! yes only ONCE and got back a rejection letter and its been stuck in editing mode ever since … I thought maybe a series wasn’t the best to start off with. Fragile is not a series but it could lead to a second book maybe. I loved the characters and wouldn’t mind hanging out with them again on a project.


Fiction – Untitled – Writing Mode First Draft near the beginning – on hold for now because campnanowrimo is starting in a couple days


Angels in the Dark Quin’s Quest (editing mode) Book completed



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