And LET IT BEGIN! It is exciting … yes?

​”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

~ Aristotle ~

SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT … and keep submitting this manuscript is my new mantra!

And that is what it takes to get yourself publish, no matter how many rejection letters you keep throwing yourself out there. If they told a person like Stephen King that he should try something else and give up writing, editors can be wrong! So wrong.  I am no Stephen King I am myself and trust me Stephen King couldn’t be me either.

But I am letting everyone know I did it!

I have done it I have just submitted my book Fragile to an book publishing company and the waiting game starts. I have finished the first draft of editing of Fragile and decided that I could not hold on to it any longer. So off it went. Okay truth be told my significant other forced me out of my chair and would not let me back on it until I submitted my novel to someone. Sigh … I don’t even like that chair that much but I do believe in my work and I think Fragile is a hit.

So wishing myself a little luck! and I’ll keep you posted on the out come.


Current status:

Fragile done Editing and Submitted! Waiting reply…..

Oh My Gosh!!! I did it! Truth be told I have only submitted Angels in the Dark Quin’s Quest – once! yes only ONCE and got back a rejection letter and its been stuck in editing mode ever since … I thought maybe a series wasn’t the best to start off with. Fragile is not a series but it could lead to a second book maybe. I loved the characters and wouldn’t mind hanging out with them again on a project.

Fiction – Untitled – Writing Mode First Draft near the beginning

Angels in the Dark Quin’s Quest (editing mode)

Angels in the Dark Helvetica – this one was near the beginning anyways scrapped what I had and I am preparing an outline for July’s write a novel in a month !!! starting July 1st!!! If you haven’t thought about here’s your chance! 50,000 words in 31 days! Come join me!


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