Impossible? Never!

​”It’s impossible to walk through solid rock … you have to walk between the molecules that make up the rock.”​

~ J. M. Dattilo ~

Walking between molecules … treading through gently … step by step … and before you know it  you are on the other side.

I am working on this project with Dave Mornix and I have found it to be a liberating and an emotional battle of wills … there is so much you can reveal and discover about a person by delving into the deep recesses of their mind. Examining each component and asking questions … questions that can lead to more questions … but the story … the characters … revealing their secrets … revealing their purpose … each unfolding with every key being pressed … every character being typed. A process that I am fully engrossed in.

I am very excited to be writing this book that has nothing to do with science fiction … its me being able to step outside of the box and look in … while revealing the soul of a character I get to glimpse a piece of me reflecting back out at myself.

My new deadline for this project is the end of April …

Current status:

Current Project with the Very talented Dave Mornix (Deadline: April 30th)

Angels in the Dark Quin’s Quest (editing mode)

Fragile (first draft done – pending rewriting mode)

Angels in the Dark Helvetica (working on first draft – near beginning)

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